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FAQ: Title IX and OCR

What does it mean when the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) opens a Title IX investigation?

When the OCR opens a Title IX investigation, it means that an individual has filed a complaint and the OCR has determined that it will conduct a review of the allegations raised in the complaint. The OCR’s decision to open a Title IX investigation does not mean that a determination has been made regarding the merits of the complaint.


How many colleges and universities are on OCR’s Title IX investigation list?

The OCR currently has approximately 263 active/open Title IX investigations.


How long will the university be under OCR investigation?

On average, in 2014 it took the OCR 1,469 days to complete a Title IX investigation. Thus, we can expect an OCR review to possibly take a number of years.


What is the university’s role during the Title IX investigation?

The investigation will entail a thorough review of the university’s policies and procedures as they relate to issues of sexual misconduct, including but not limited to sexual assault and sexual harassment. The university will play an active role in the investigation and will cooperate fully with the OCR’s review. We welcome the opportunity to participate in this review and look forward to taking an even closer look at our policies and procedures.


What information will the university be able to share with the greater campus community about the OCR investigation?

The university safeguards the privacy of individuals involved with reports and investigations of matters under the sexual misconduct policy. The university will continue to safeguard the privacy of all involved students during this review. Therefore, the university will not release any case-specific information as this matter is ongoing.


What relevant policies and procedures does the university have in place?

The University maintains a robust sexual misconduct policy and applicable procedures. The university expressly prohibits discrimination, harassment, sexual misconduct (including sexual and gender-based harassment, sexual violence, relationship violence, domestic violence, sexual exploitation, sexual intimidation, and sex- and gender-based stalking), and retaliation.


Where can I go to make a report?

You can call University Police at 410-455-5555 at any time to make a report to the police. You can also call UMBC Title IX Coordinator Bobbie L. Hoye at 410-455-1606 to make a report with the university.


Are there resources I can connect with on campus for a confidential conversation?

Yes. University Health Services can be reached at 410-455-2542 and the Counseling Center can be reached at 410-455-2472. The Women’s Center is not a designated fully confidential resource, but Women’s Center staff can also provide some support services at 410-455-2714.  Additional non-confidential resources are listed on the Title IX Help and Support page.