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UMBC’s Office of Human Relations seeks to develop and implement strategies and programs which promote equal opportunity and respect for all members of the UMBC campus community.

This will be accomplished through:

  • Policy Development and Dissemination – In cooperating with campus governance and in compliance with federal laws and USM Board of Regent’s policies, the Office of Human Relations Programs will publish policies which codify the University’s position and operating parameters regarding human relations issues.
  • Education and Training – The Director of Human Relations is available to provide information and skills training in various human relations topics such as Sexual Harassment Prevention, Conflict Management, interpersonal and group communication, fair employment practices and leadership development.
  • Conflict/Dispute Management – Members of the campus community may contact Human Relations Manager for assistance in the management and or resolution of interpersonal and group conflict. This may include complaint investigation, mediation, facilitation, and other dispute resolution strategies.
  • Affirmative Action Plan Development and Implementation – The UMBC Affirmative Action Plan will be updated annually to document the University’s progress toward diversity initiatives.
  • Human Relations Committee – The UMBC Human Relations Committee shall be comprised of representatives from each of the campus Senates. This committee will work closely with the Office of Human Relations Programs to advance the UMBC Human Relations agenda.

Human Relations Committee Members:

  • Jiyoon Lee, Assistant Professor, Education, Faculty Senate
  • Karen Whitworth, Biology, Faculty Senate
  • Jodi Hoover, Library, Faculty Senate
  • Sharon Maul, Institutional Advancement, Non-Exempt Excluded Staff Senate
  • Susan Han, Assistant Director, The Counseling Center, Professional Staff Senate
  • Sue Plitt, Associate Director, Career Center, Professional Staff Senate
  • Brianna Jackson, Student Government Association
  • Lucas Tiderman,  Student Government Association
  • Deanna Cerquetti, Graduate Student Association
  • Bobbie L. Hoye, Human Relations Officer and Assistant General Counsel, Ex Officio